pm002PM04 - Colectivos

Guillermo Gregorio - clarinet
Jason Roebke - contrabass
Brian Labycz - electronics

cd-r 49:08 min
released 1/2011

1. Colectivo 1
2. Video (Roebke)
3. Two Rows by Juan Carlos Paz (Gregorio) 
4. Colectivo 2
5. Improvisations on a Sonatina by Esteban Eitler (Gregorio)
6. Colectivo 3
7. Open (Roebke)
8. Coplanar Nr. 4b (Gregorio)
9. Colectivo 4
10. Event (Roebke)
11. Colectivo 5

Similarly to the reference of the title this collection of works is a vehicle for various forms of improvisation. Notated, graphical, and video based scores were used on titled tracks while the colectivos are free improvisations. Three distinct but complimentary voices examining the shape and spirit of improvisation.

photo: Jason Roebke
edition of 100

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